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Canine II

Canon Printer Issue


We are currently using WinOMS in the cloud and have an issue with a printer after upgrading to windows 10. Basically, even though we've downloaded the official driver for the printer and verified that the profile/driver preferences have been set to print Single Sided only, the printer still prints double sided through WinOMS. We've tested it with other applications ( chrome, word, etc ) and it prints single sided successfully . The printer is a :

The printer model is a : Canon D1550

The printer driver is: Canon D1500 Series UFR II

It is attached via USB.

I have contacted the phone support and they told me that non PCL drivers will not work, and that all configuration needs to be done directly on the windows printer preferences ( nothing is in winoms ). I then contacted the email support 1 month ago, and exchanged 4 emails with them attempting to get authenticated but they have not replied since our last correspondence on 11/3/2020 .

Usually I would accept what the phone support technician tells me, but we have another site with the exact same model, connected to a windows 10 computer via USB which works fine. This means that it's possible to configure correctly.

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Premolar III

We have issues sometimes in the cloud printing.  Not sure why but some users suddenly can't print properly.  Not double sided but not right.  Support said it was a Citrix profile issue and weren't much help.  I had to setup the printer again with a different name.  Instead of it being called Insurance, I had to name it INSPrinter.  Same driver and settings and it works fine.  Another thing to check is the printer preferences compared to printing defaults.  I have seen Citrix try to use the preferences instead of the default printing settings.  You could also see if Canon has a different driver that would work with that printer.  We have HP M604 laser printers but use a LaserJet 4 or a Universal PCL 6 driver for them.  Not sure if Canon has anything like that.

I know its not a lot to go on, but hopefully it helps a little.

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Hello Rich,

Thanks for the reply.

My initial troubleshooting did involve removing/adding the printer under a different name ( well it was originally under a different name ). Does the name need to be 'INSPrinter' , or does it just need to be different?

Regarding the printer defaults/preferences. I actually went through every tab in the properties and preferences within the printer ( Control Panel -> Devices and Printer ), and verified that every profile was set to 'Single Sided'. I also looked at the same printer from the other site which is currently working and verified the settings matched.

I will try to install this: ( which is a Generic PCL 6 driver.. ), but I'm not too confident that it'll work since the documentation states only certain devices are supported.

If that doesn't work, I'll have to agree that it may be a server side issue , possibly a lack of support for compatible win10 canon generic canon drivers on the 2008 server this site uses? It'd be helpful if Carestream released *some* sort of documentation or reference as to how the printing functionality works/how it interacts with their backend/what drivers they use. ( or if an engineer could reply to this post ).

Thanks for the help.

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Hello Did you ever resolve the issue of how to get single-sided printing? I have the same issue that you describe and all the preferences on my PC and even the printer's own portal (mine installed as a network printer so that the entire practice can use it. That means it has an IP address and if you web browse to that IP address you get to the portal) are set to single-side. Hope to hear from you
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