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Canine III

Does anyone even use this platform anymore?

Is anyone else disappointed by the move to this new website? Does anyone else even use this? The old website was great! Lots of questions and suggestions being offered by admin and other OMS users. I barely see anyone post on here and even less replies. What happened? Is there another site that everyone is using for help?

I do not have any question that need answered at this time but I did find value in the previous site because of all the helpful questions and solutions offered.

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Premolar II

Re: Does anyone even use this platform anymore?

I, too, have been disappointed by the new website. I'm sure the intention was to streamline and consolidate, but it offers a much blockier user experience. It feels like trying to use a blunt instrument for precision work. There are more duplicate entries of the same enhancement suggestions (like merging duplicate accounts, ironically). I've also seen so many questions unaddressed by Carestream on this forum that it discouraged the need for anything more than minimal participation on my part.