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Canine II

Dosage units not printing on anesthesia record

When we print the anesthesia records the dosage unit "mg/cc", "vial", etc does not print out for every medication and instead of the unit it just says "other". It's not always the same medication that does this, meaning the same drug will print fine on one patient and then show "other" on a different patient. It also happens with every medication so it's basically just random. The dosage units are entered correctly for each drug in our system. Right now we are having to cross out "other" and write the dosage unit on every anesthesia record. Is there a fix for this? Is this happening to anyone else? 

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Premolar I

Re: Dosage units not printing on anesthesia record

I have the same problem (I have a post with a picture showing the issue), as well. An insurance company isn’t paying us for the infusion of non-anesthetic-related drugs because the record doesn’t indicate what dosage amount was given, so they’re saying it’s an incomplete record problem.