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Canine II

Encounter Tickets deleting codes when trying to edit

Going into TABLES>TICKETS then trying to edit or delete codes from a specific ticket. When I select the ticket I hit edit.  Then I go into e-Ticket where all of our codes are.  If I try to delete ONE code, in other words it's the only one selected and I hit delete, it deletes.  But after I hit OK and leave the e-ticket, if I go back in, it deleted ALL of the codes that were in there. 

I actually tried to go back in and enter them again, which is VERY time consuming.  But I went in to edit one and hit OK and when I went back in later, ALL of the codes were missing yet again. 

THIS IS EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING! Is there anyone else having this problem and is there a fix?

I did call support and they said they can possibly work with a back up to retrieve the codes but I do not want to retrieve them and have them delete again because that would be a waste of time. I need this fixed!

Please help if you have the same problem or any advice to fix this!

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Premolar I

I would strongly encourage you to reach out to support and have them restore a previous version. It is a lot easier than redoing all of your work.

This happened to us as well. It is is incredibly frustrating.

You can add new codes, but you cannot alter their description and you cannot delete old codes. 

This is an issue that should have never happened and as always we are being told this will be fixed on the next version. Unfortunately, the next version cost money and requires using a different type of sybase server.

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Premolar II

You are not going to like my answer.  This has been an ongoing problem for quite some time.  From our experience, if you add or delete stuff from the eticket section you should be good.  If you edit anything, then it all goes away.  Support said they could retrieve from backup but that never happened for us.  We lost a lot of codes.  We were stuck for a few months using multiple tickets because we didn't want to lose eticket codes again.  Now that we know not to edit, we haven't lost anything recently.  I also take screenshots of the eticket section any time I add codes.  This is a major issue that has caused us a lot of headaches and wasted time.  We are holding out hope that when we get to version 10 this all goes away.

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