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Enough is Enough with Old Software

We have been told for over a year now that Carestream will be updating the cloud software but haven't seen anything.  We are running on Server 2008R2 which Microsoft ended support for on Jan 14,2020.  I hope no new flaws have been discovered because Microsoft isn't patching the flaws.  Also we are running Office 2010 which also ended support in 2020.  With all the money we are paying for cloud services, you would think we could have the latest software or at least software that isn't more than 3 versions/10 years old.  At this point, we should be getting a discount on cloud services for having to put up with this old ass software.  I know I know I know, these will all be updated with version 10.  When is that coming?  Carestream has already had issues with cyber threats and now you are intentionally not resolving another potential threat.

Carestream, it is time to step up your cloud game and get us updated software.  We shouldn't have to use 10 year old software while you charge us for the latest and greatest.  I also have a hard time believing that you are fully HIPAA compliant with expired and old software.

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OMG! I knew we couldn't be the only office experiencing issues! We have called support so many times, we are just wasting our time! I feel like we're on a time warp back to 1999. Our office is so unproductive with this WINOMS "so called" Cloud Software. I personally spend most of my day trying to fix software issues or calling support. It's either the Doc's electronic prescriptions aren't working or the one of the workstations is locked up or not responding. The locking up and freezing is daily. We get kicked out and can't log back into WINOMS without shutting down. Sometimes it takes 10-15 minutes to get logged back in. It's bad for business, having to constantly tell patient's "sorry we're having an issue right now." The software in the afternoons is UNBEARABLY SLOW. It's to the point we call our IT and ask them call support, as we are busy trying to assist and treat patients, and that not FREE! We pay dearly for IT support as well. The only time we get any feedback is when we leave a message on this forum. That's SAD! I dread even leaving this message, because we don't have time to explain this again. And yes, it's 7pm and we would like to be home with our families! Our office phone# is 410-770-3130 if any other WINOMS clients want to chat.

I just wanted to bring this post to the top of the list.  Over 4 months ago, we were told that the goal is for all cloud customers to be moved over to the new platform by end of year.  Tomorrow is 2/1 and there has not been a peep about this since.  Anyone have an update on this???  @paula @stu @tshaw 

Do you think we can get an honest answer on when this move is happening?  Don't blow smoke up my ass to make me feel better, just give me the truth.


Rich - 

I will arrange a call with you to discuss, as timing may have dependencies on the decision of when to adopt/update to WinOMS V10.  I'll reach out now and we can have an initial conversation to facilitate getting you info that helps you plan for the practice IT and change management.  


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We had a meeting with Carestream Migration team our IT was on the call and he emailed some questions and we still have no answers. We were told that we would get a call back the next day never did and no email back to our IT team too. this was probably 2 weeks now. Our system is so slow very hard working conditions and just imagine the front desk who check out patients or even have to make an appointment. Its unacceptable and instead of raising prices for a "New Platform" we should be getting a discount because this is ridiculous now all the mistakes we are dealing with from the last update from November and still no resolution. 

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@rich_omsafw ,

appreciate your insights. our office happens to be struggling through with cloud issues as well. our biggest issue seems to be the Ledger freezing/locking up. happens when you try and post charges or click the ledger tab from the Workspace. are you seeing this issue as well?


we are at the point where we are not sure what our expectations should be for the cloud environment. should we be ok with dealing with freezes/lockups requiring task manager to abort 3-5 times a week and then 60-90 minutes waiting for the ledger issue to "magically" resolve? really makes me think i could just offload all the charting to Google Documents and find a software to manage the schedule and billing, would probably save a lot of money and headache. 

It sounds like you have to worse off than us.  We don't have much issue with the Ledger, at least not that I am aware of.  There has to be more that can be done for you guys.  Does database need cleaned up?  Cloud server reaching its limits?  Opening the ledger shouldn't be an issue.  We have a pretty big slow down/freeze every time we go into the Point of Care or do anything with merged letters.  Once in POC it runs ok, just getting it going is a challenge.  I am cautiously optimistic things will get better with new platform.  I am more concerned on timeframe than platform.  I would keep hounding support about slowness.  Use that report a cloud issue every time something happens.  I had to do that for a while and they eventually do some changed some server configs and also moved our office onto 2 separate servers.  I would really recommend asking for cloud escalations right away.  You won't get too far with most of the first wave of support techs.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Dr. Knapke @rich_omsafw 
Thank you for reaching out to us—we understand your concerns. A member of our team will be in contact with you to discuss some changes we are implementing and how they will benefit your practice.

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There are lots of us that want to know these answers. Could you please let all of us know.

Thank you,


The team member should also post it to her question, after he speaks to her  we all have the same issue

I spoke to Jameson the other day.  He informed me that the goal was to have all cloud clients moved over to their new platform by the end of the year.  They are working with Microsoft techs using Azure to bring their cloud solution to a much better platform.  Along with new platform will come a new version of Office, that I hope will allow for more features.  He did offer to move us to a newer Windows 2016 server but we both agreed it wasn't worth the time.  As far as my concern about flaws, updates, & support, he informed me that datacenters get extended support and they are covered from that standpoint.  Thanks for the time and info Jameson.

Lets hope the wait is worth the headaches.