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Premolar I

Epresciptions/healthcare exchange

Can someone please provide an update for eprescriptions? We have not been able to submit any prescriptions through healthcare exchange. It fails every time. I checked the status page and it says operational but I am finding this hard to believe because this is what happened last time when there was a major outage.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Temporary Outage 6/14/2021: eRx Electronic Prescriptions - Controlled Substance (Narcotics)

There is a temporary outage that affects the prescribing of narcotics.  We are working with the service provider to restore service as quickly as possible.  The error message is "Failed to digitally sign the prescription".  

In the interim, the work-arounds are:

(1) Phone in the prescription to the pharmacy

(2) Issue a paper prescription

We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to a quick resolution. 

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This outage was resolved at approximately 12pm EST, 6/14/2021.  We apologize for any inconvenience associated with the outage. 

Community Manager
Community Manager


It looks like the eServices team just posted this regarding a temporary outage with ePrescriptions. 

@rich_omsafw it looks like the status page is reflecting the outage now. 

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Canine II

I keep getting an error message that says "failed to digitally sign the prescription". Tried calling OMS but was on hold forever. Hope to get an update soon.

@tshaw  @matt_ackerman Any update on this?  I just tried calling in and message said there were 28 people in front of me in the queue.  I hung up as I wasn't going to wait that long.  Status page still shows eRX has fully functional.  How is that possible?

We are having the same problem.  I'm glad I checked here before calling.  Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

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Premolar III

You aren't the only one.  I called in and they were going to contact Change Healthcare to find out what was going on.  For now they said to Try again later.