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Exporting Records

Each year, commercial insurers who offer Medicare Advantage plans to their subscribers have an annual risk assessment of their patient population. That risk assessment comes via records requests from treating physicians. Is there a way to quickly export all patient data/records for a specific time period (i.e. 1/1/19 - 12/31/19) via an electronic file format (instead of going to each area of the patient's chart and manually printing records)? 

Canine III

Carestream- Are there any planned changes with this in future WinOMS updates??? There should be a way to export the FULL chart including any attachments, imaging, EMR notes, Consents, etc.  We get subpeona requests for charts for patients involved in litigation (auto accidents, malpractice, etc) and have to manually go through and print every document to a PDF in order to send a digital copy.  This is tedious to say the least!  And it allows too much room for error if you accidentally omit part of the record.  If there was a way to auto-export the entire chart, then you would know you were getting everything instead of having to open and save each document individually.  Please add this to the "wish list" for future versions of WinOMS!!!

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Canine II

Did you ever get an answer for this??
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Sadly, no.

Our one Medicare Advantage risk assessment was almost sixty patients. I had to have the insurance company send someone on-site to print everything out manually. What would have saved some time, even if the records cannot be exported in a digital format, is if hitting the print button in the notes part of the EMR allowed for a selection of date range. As of now, when you do that, every note ever made is printed.
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