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Premolar III

First Visit Field Date being set incorrectly

First visit field date is being set by the date the chart was created instead of the date of the first appointment.  Offices apparently have just been living with this instead of reporting this issue, and manually resetting it on each patient.

This messes up data in Pearl as well as Lighthouse first visit patient surveys not being sent out, as the first visit field date is before the patient was ever seen unless you wait to create charts when the patient shows up.  Most offices book patients ahead of time and a very small portion are same day appointments.

I just spoke with a rep for ticket #6694374 and was basically told this is how it works and everyone just manually resets it.  This is not how things work in actual offices.  In reality, we report issues that don't work and get them fixed.

Carestream is supposed to work the way clients need it to rather than clients having to manually do workarounds, especially when there's existing data fields that can be used to easily swap the functionality to look at.

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Premolar II

Re: First Visit Field Date being set incorrectly

cromfs Tara, the First Visit field was built with the intention that offices would book the appointment, but wouldn't actually convert the patient until they had arrived in the office for their appt. So, technically, it is working correctly, in the way it was designed to be used, which absolutely made sense in 2002 when the bulk of us were still almost exclusively using paper charts for everything but "bookkeeping".

We've been using WinOMS for so long that, until recently, it did not occur to us to change our protocol about when we convert. However, in assessing what an immense bottleneck it was causing in our now-paperless workflow, we recently (as in, April 2018) started converting when the appointment is first made, so that we can go ahead and attach everything, as well as document Contact Notes. This, after we've been paperless for 6 years <*facepalm*>. We realized it wasn't worth all the extra work, for a metric (new patients *seen*) that wasn't as powerful as procedure numbers and production amounts.

Developer christopher.octa‌ mentioned possibly changing/removing that first patient count function here, so definitely give your feedback on that page, too. Especially as it pertains to interfering with the way 3rd parties like Lighthouse use that data point.