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HIPAA Acknowledgement

Earlier this week we upgraded to WinOMS v9.2. Regarding the HIPAA option on the top bar of the patient screen, we know how to complete the checked boxes and to note HIPAA has been signed; Is there anyway to have this "signed" portion expire  at the end/beginning of the year as a reminder to get this updated after the first of the new year? I can set a reminder but if we don't know specifically if/when a patient is coming back I find it's not serving a purpose for us. Mind you, this is an oral surgeon's office so our patients aren't consistently coming in. Just trying to find the easiest way to make this not a time consuming task for our front office. I appreciate any assistance! 

**Edited to Add**

I've seen some suggestions to add a date in the HIPAA drop down menu which I would find very useful if the date couldn't "expire." I think I shouldn't made this into an "idea" or "question" posting

Amy Jo
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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: HIPAA Acknowledgement

Hello Amy,

One option is to check the last visit date when the patient came into the practice, if it falls longer then the time frame your practice has setup as for new HIPPA forms, then have the patient do a new form. Also some practices choose to have a patient do a new HIPPA form their first visit of the new year. Just some examples to consider.  Thank you for your inquiry.