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Premolar III

How to edit digital form templates

I'm on 9.1, and while I can access and use existing digital forms, I can't find where to go to edit the templates.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: How to edit digital form templates


Go to Letters>Digital Forms Maintenance>Digital Forms...At this point you can display all or filter for a specific Digital form template. Select the appropriate template and hit edit or double click on the template to edit. If you need additional help or encounter any issues, please contact Winoms Support for assistance.  

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Canine III

Re: How to edit digital form templates

Just a small point. When you have edited and go out of the template, DO NOT hit modify again until you have gone all the way out (hit ok) and reselect and reenter the template. Hitting modify without exiting will delete all of the previous changes you have made. Unseen consequences can be a cruel educator!