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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

'Initialization Failed' when trying to connect to cloud via Citrix Receiver on a Mac

Symptom: After upgrading to Mac OS X Mojave (version 10.14), Citrix Receiver cannot launch your DPMS application. The error below may appear.     

initialization failed.png


Problem: Older versions of Citrix Receiver are not compatible with Mac OS X Mojave. The latest version of Receiver, now known as the Citrix Workspace App, is required. 



Completely uninstall Citrix Receiver:

1. Close out of all Receiver windows and right-click (Ctrl-click if you have a one-button mouse/touchpad) the Receiver icon in the top right corner.

2. Open Finder, then browse to Applications.

3. Drag the black Citrix Receiver icon to the Trash.

Install the Citrix Workspace App:

1. Download the latest version of Citrix Workspace App from here.

2. Click the Downloads section of your browser and install the application. 

3. Remove the apostrophe from the computer's name by following the instructions beginning with Step 16 of this guide. (Without removing the apostrophe, you may have problems launching cloud applications or printing within the cloud.)

4. Configure Citrix Workspace App by following the instructions in 'Launching and Configuring Citrix Receiver' in the guide mentioned above in step 3. 


If you have any issues connecting to the cloud after following the instructions above, please leave a comment here or contact Support.

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