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Canine II

Insurance billing and tracking

Has anyone been using VYNE to process their insurance  claims. We are looking into changing from using WINOMS. It is so difficult retrieving their reports on their insurance site and tracking outstanding claims or why they did not go through. You cannot put in parameters. I also just found out that if they pull a claim that has to be mailed by them and it has an NEA attachment, The insurance companies don't acknowledge receiving the claim when you call as they could not match the NEA so the claim is denied or trashed, you are never notified. The NEA # does not transfer to the claims they send via paper. I had quiet a few that this happened to where the insurance saw found the NEA attachment but the claim they said was never received.  Please let me know if you are using VYNE and how you like it. It sure seems much more efficient when we watched the presentation. 

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