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Insurance by employer search

Is there a way when i am adding a patient if they tell me their employer is here in town and is local say the hospital. Is there a way i can just search the insurance by the employer and it will save that information in on the patients account then we can just change the ID number? in the other oral surgery office we have we use OMS Vision and you can search an employer and it will come up what the insurance is for that employer. We have alot of people that come in here and they dont know what their dental insurance is and they always give me the medical insurance instead so we are left trying to find what dental insurance the patient has. 

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Insurance by employer search

There is no direct link connecting Employer and Insurance Plans.  There are some alternatives but they could potentially create a very large data base of Insurance plans.  Lets see how other offices handle this.  Looking forward to hearing some input from the community.  

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