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Is your doctor retiring and selling the practice?

The ownership of a dental practice may change hands for many reasons and can be challenging. Our trained professionals will assist you through this process as there are many considerations to address to establish the new ownership. Contact your local WinOMS salesperson at 800-944-6365 or email to begin the process.  A brief interview will be scheduled to cover the change of ownership details. The interview compose of general questions like the ones below:

  • With this change of ownership (COO), will the practice be a single provider or multi-providers?
  • Is your practice being sold to a new doctor or are you bringing in a new doctor?
  • Is the provider going to sell AR?
  • With the sale of the practice, is the practice name going to change?
  • Are the columns in the WinOMS scheduler going to change
  • On what date does the sale take place?

An experienced WinOMS trainer will then work with you through a 3-hour guided session to facilitate the transition. Additional hours may be required if the new practice will be utilizing any of the eServices products. Don't do it alone, COO assistance is right at your fingertips!

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Love this post! Such a big change for an office. Good info for them to have to help! Thanks @pbonner 

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