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Community Manager

Join Carestream Dental Leadership Tonight


Dear Valued Customer, 


We recognize that many customers have experienced system issues over the past few days. As a digital dental technology company, it’s our goal to always invest in consistent upgrades to ensure you stay a step ahead of industry, clinical and IT infrastructure demands. We are focused on solutions that maintain your data security and privacy in a rapidly evolving digital world. 


To learn more about the upcoming enhancements to your system and to keep abreast of what is happening across the industry, we welcome you to register for our partner call series during which members of Carestream Dental management and selected guests will be live on a video conference. The first call of this series will be held on Thursday, Dec. 17 at 7:30 pm EST.


For this first call, we will be joined by Eric Strom of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Mr. Strom currently serves as the Chief of the FBI’s Mission Critical Engagement Unit, which works with private-sector entities to identify and combat emerging cybersecurity threats facing critical infrastructure sectors, including the healthcare sector. During his 21-year career with the FBI, Mr. Strom has served as the Cyber Liaison to Europol’s Cyber Crime Center, the Unit Chief of the FBI’s Cyber Division and as a Special Agent. 


Our management and Mr. Strom are happy to answer questions you may have that are submitted in advance to We hope you will join us for this first video call on Thursday, Dec. 17, at 7:30 pm EST. 

We thank you again for your trust in Carestream Dental, and we look forward to continuing to serve you and your patients by providing transformative and innovative technology. 


Please register here

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Premolar I

Re: Join Carestream Dental Leadership Tonight

Offices have been experiencing MAJOR issues for more than just a couple days @tshaw 

How insulting that you don't acknowledge the atleast 6 FULL DAY outages of Carestream Cloud.  The REAL problem is 12 year old server software that is no longer supported by Microsoft.