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Canine III

NEA Status Changing?

There have been several times now where the NEA number disappears from the claims tab.

Example: I go through the process of submitting an attachment to a claim & then "update claim NEA status." This shows the NEA number under the "NEA Status" column on patient's claims tab. Sometimes when I go to add a "remark" to the dental claim after the attachment is done, the NEA number disappears entirely. It doesn't happen every time. Am I doing something wrong? Hopefully I explained this well enough to make sense!

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Canine II

When I talked to Carestream Help I was informed it was an NEA issue. I had to retrieve the NEA#s from the Fast Attach website, enter the NEA# manually into every claim form remarks box and then send my claims. This happens sporadically so unfortunately did not find a resolution with Carestream Help

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