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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Need Your Input! Credit Card Payments Workflow

We are considering some workflow enhancements to the credit card payment processing functionality (ePayments) within WinOMS.  Could you give us your feedback on the following topics?

  1. Do you find yourself needing the ability to automatically charge the remaining balance (after a final insurance payment is received) to a patient’s credit card without having to call them?

  2. If you answered yes, where in your workflow would you like to see functionality to store a credit card for this purpose?

  3. Do you have any credit card processing workflow issues today? Please describe what isn't working for you.

Thanks for your input!  This is very helpful to the team.

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Canine II

Our office would love the ability to be able to keep a credit on file and charge the final balance due after the insurance pays. Why hasn't this been done? Will it be in the next upgrade?  It been talked about for a couple of years now.


Premolar II

1) No, we don't. For our part, we do always either call the patient or send them a statement to confirm permission for those final charges. E-payments does store the last credit card on file, so we can use that if given permission (and presuming insurance didn't pay with a credit card, as some plans do). We *do* usually go ahead and refund to the patient's card (using the "Last" button) if there was an overpayment from them after insurance is settled.

3) Our biggest workflow issues with the credit card processing are how many glitches we currently face. Multiple times per week, we have:

  • Credit card charges that process (and are in the batch), administer a receipt to be signed, but do not post to the patient account.
  • Credit card transactions that freeze up and do not issue a receipt, but do post to the patient's account.
  • We've recently started experiencing some that will show the correct $ amount on the receipt and in batch, but post as $0 to the patient account.

In terms of workflow, these are most inconvenient for the patient, because it either holds them up from going back to surgery while we sort it out (and make sure we have their signature before sedation), or it holds up the patient as they are trying to leave- again, while we sort it out and make sure we have what we need from them.


We have had the same issues as Kristina described above with epayments. Very frustrating and slows down the daily process of patient care.