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Premolar II

Need a designation for "Urgent" dock notes

The dock notes are great for communicating via patient charts, but for several in our practice, it's not uncommon to have 20+ patients docked to us in the span of just a couple hours. They all get sort of lost in alphabetical order until we can work our way to them.

It would be great if the sender had a way to mark a dock note as urgent, if it needs more pressing attention than our regular dock situations. For our coordinators who get 40+ docks a day, it would help them to be able to prioritize an overwhelming list.

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Premolar I

I agree with Candi, having a sort feature would be nice, or even if they just automatically came through in order. Even if I could see the initials of who docked them to me (maybe in the upper right corner of the dock box for that patient?), that would help.

Canine II

It would even be handy if you had a sort option--sort so they showed up in the order they were docked to you.

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Thanks for this suggestion! We will keep it in mind when we plan our next release. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for the suggestion omsnashville‌! I'm including our Product Line Manager so he see's this as well, matt.ackerman

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