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Canine III

Patient Profile

Does anyone know of a way to print the Patient Profile that does not include the Patient Alerts [and any inactive/old insurance information]? When I visit my medical & dental provider's office, every so often they give me a sheet and have me review my information [i.e. address, employer, insurance, phone numbers, etc.] so I can check to make sure everything is up-to-date.

I ask because one of our offices previously and sometimes still does use the patient's alerts as contact notes so I would prefer to not have them deleted.

I am trying to find a way to have something for the patient to review if the patient comes for surgery/post op and it has been a couple/few months since being seen for the consultation, just to keep our records consistently up to date.

Or if anyone has any other ideas of how they make sure patient information is correct I'd love to hear them! Thanks!!

Amy Jo
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Premolar I

Select patient chart instead of patient profile. Then check off only patient registration and hit OK. This will print only the demographic information in the system and no alerts. If your office enters in allergies, medications and med history, this will also show up.

Our office typically just prints off the scanned in copy of the patients registration to have them look that over but this way works too!

Although, this way does not print insurance information...Sorry
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