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Canine II

Please consider these requests for the next WinOMS update!!

Please consider these suggestions for the next update:

1.  Merge Fields arranged in alphabetical order so they are easier to find when creating a template

2. Should be able to void or flag a note somehow in the EMR if the Doctor puts it in the wrong account and locks it. 

3.  It is possible to mark a diagnosis code as frequently used. Would it be possible to arrange the diagnosis codes in the encounter tickets by "frequently used" at the top so those codes are easily accessible?

4.  Is there a way to mark a ticket in the optical ticket queue so you can tell which ones are actual and which ones are treatment plans?

5.  When you are processing a ticket but for some reason you are not able to complete it right away and you hit cancel, it deletes the ticket completely.  Can that be removed so you don't lose the ticket?

Thank you. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

@matt_ackerman adding you to the conversation! 

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Great Ideas!

I will say that if you edit a Dx code under tables, there is a check box to set it as "frequently used".

Also with the tickets if you send them in two's the lower number ticket is the "Tx plan" and the higher number is the "actual" work ticket.

Thank you. I know you can edit the diagnosis code and check frequently used but what I would like is when you are doing an encounter form in the Point of Care, I would like the codes to be listed by the frequently used listed first.  When you go to Tables > Practice > Point of Care Preferences >  Encounters, the "Pick List Settings do not give many options for what order the items can be displayed.  Under Order By: I would like the option of Frequently used listed first.

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Regarding Diagnosis Codes - have you tried creating a new category for "A-My codes" (example) and then re-assign the frequently used codes to this category.  Presently all of the ICD 10 codes are categorized under the category "ICD-10"  But the category can be changed.  When you drop down the new category only your frequently used codes will display.  If you would like additional assistance with this process you can reach out to me directly -

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