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Print to PDF in Cloud & Bad Level 1 Support

I just called into support to get help printing to PDF.  We are trying to print out some of the scanned attachments to PDF.  If we print to the PDFCreator printer, the documents print on our default printer.  If I try to use my local Microsoft print to PDF printer, same thing happens.  We are unable to print to PDF.  We can save them as jpeg and then convert to PDF but that's ridiculous.  Anyone else have issues printing to PDF in cloud?  Anyone have better suggestion for printing/saving all scanned attachments?  Lawyers want all forms and files emailed to them.

Secondly, the entry level support people are awful.  I know new people have to start somewhere and they won't know all the answers but they should at least know what WinOMS Cloud is.  The person I was talking to did a remote session and was looking for WinOMS folder on my computer and server.  When I told him again that we are on the cloud and he is looking at my local server he didn't understand.  He kept looking and asked where the WinOMS directory was.  I explained again that we are in the cloud and the WinOMS directory he is looking for is on a server he can't access from my laptop.  Silence.  At that point I requested to be escalated.  Honestly I feel kind of bad for these first tier support people.  It seems like they have little to no training and are told to fake it until you make it.  

And lastly, can we get responses to our posts from someone at WinOMS?  I read these posts from others and try to reply if I can but why can't we get a response from WinOMS giving a resolution if one is available?  The posts usually end with message from @tshaw saying they forwarded to someone and they will reach out.  Can @tshaw or assigned rep give a brief description of what was done?  That way if users have similar issues, they can possibly fix the issue and avoid calling into support.

I guess on the bright side, WinOMS Cloud hasn't gone down in several days...oh **bleep** shouldn't have said that.  I may have just jinxed all us.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Rich - 

Thank you for the feedback.  I will make sure that gets shared so we can act on opportunities for improvement.  I will also get someone to contact you about what solutions are viable around the pdf questions.  



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