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Problem distributing payment to two providers

Hoping someone can help us. If doctor A and doctor B in the same practice are both doing procedures on a patient, and we distribute a single patient payment to the respective codes done by each doctor, the distributed payment will show as being completely distributed, but will not show up correctly in the provider’s collection report (ie, Monthly Adjusted Receipts Report, by Service provider).


We figured out that if you split up the patient’s one payment into two amounts (one amount for each doctor’s services) and then distribute each of those posted payments, it works. But this then creates inaccurate payment amount records.


For example, if a patient’s treatment costs $4,000 total, and they paid the full $4,000 with a single check that got posted to their account, and Doctor A (the Reg Provider and Service provider) in the practice did $3,000 worth of procedure codes and Doctor B (Service provider) in the practice did $1,000.... if we try to distribute that single $4,000 payment to the respective codes for each doctor, it will show that it was distributed, but the revenue will not show up in Doctor B’s monthly collections (Monthly Adjusted Receipts Report).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Good Afternoon,

Before reading my 'answer' below, please know that I may need to gather more information from you to better understand what's been posted in the patient's ledger.  I am making a few assumptions in how procedure codes may have been posted.

When posting the procedure codes (Lets just say Dr A performed AAAAA and Dr. B performed BBBBB), these 2 procedure codes would have to be posted to the patient's ledger separately (i.e. the lightening bolt charge icon would have to be clicked 2 times).  The reason being, each charge was performed by a different provider thus they can't be posted at the same time.

If the above step occurred, then you can post the lump sum payment (if you wish).  Once its posted and distributed to each charge correctly, then the Monthly Adjusted Receipt Receipt report will reflect accurately as WinOMS calculates based on distribution of payment and credits the provider on the charge with the amount of money distributed to that charge.

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Hi Alan,

Thank you for your response and for taking the time to help us figure this out. 

I followed your instructions and deleted the procedure codes for Doctor A and Doctor B and re-entered them into the ledger separately...  Clicking the Lightning bolt and entering in Doctor A's codes, then clicking the lightning bolt again and entering Dr. B's codes.

I distributed Doctor A's portion of the payment to the Doctor A's procedure codes and then did the same for Doctor B. 

Doctor B's revenue for this date of service still does not show in the Monthly adjusted receipts report for this day.

These procedures are being done by Doctor A and B on the same patient with the same date of service (Oral surgeon and a Dental Anesthesiologist). Is that the problem? Same date of service? Is that why this is happening?

If so, is there a way to make it work? Like a dentist and hygienist codes for the same date of service?

Thank you!

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