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Referral Based Letter Merge Fields Missing: RefPrac & Refemail

Development Team,

Enhancement Request:  Please add the refprac and refemail merge fields for merging Referral Based Letters.   They are available on Patient Based Letters and also in EMR Notes, but not on Referral based letters.   It  seems like it would not take too much effort to make them available when creating Referral Based Letter Templates.   

We get a lot of mail back when we do mailings to our Referral base because the Practice Name in not included in the address.   We also do not have an easy way to get emails for our referral database when we want to send out a mass email.   These two fields are essential to our Referral marketing and are wasting countless hours of our time each month because they are not available on Referral based letters.

Mail Merge Document Wizard.pngReferral Based Merge Fields Screen Shot.jpgReferral Based Merge Fields Screen Shot2.jpg

Thank you for your attention to this request.



Beaverton Oral Surgeons

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