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Canine III

Removing insurance from multiple charges at once

Is there a better way to remove charges from an insurance claim in WinOMS than opening each charge individually and deleting the insurance plan from each charge.  This is so time consuming.  You can add an insurance plan to multiple charges at once, why not remove a plan from multiple charges at once?  

Example: Charges are entered and attached to the dental insurance for a surgery.  We then find out that some of the charges are covered by their medical insurance, not the dental.  Now to correct the billing for this account, we have to open each charge individually to remove the dental insurance from those charges that won't be billed to the dental.   

Premolar I

If you catch it before the dental claim goes out, I actually just put a today's date as the bill date and return date (you have to do both) on the claims tab. This will stop the claim from billing and you don't have to go line by line. It's messy because it leaves the claim in your tab, but we've gotten pretty used to just knowing that if a claim has the same bill date as return date, it didn't go out.

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Canine II

Yes, this would be most helpful!

Premolar I

would love this as an option! It is time consuming to have to go line by  line !

Premolar II

I've mentioned this elsewhere, but it would be similarly beneficial to "batch edit" (just like adding an insurance plan) and change the balance of multiple charges from "patient due" to "insurance due" all at once. If we add the insurance after the charges are sent up, we have to go line by line and change to "insurance due" so it shows up correctly on the claims and in our reports.


CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

You know, I don't think there is another way right now, but I do think you raise a worthy point.  I want to get an opinion from hnnobel‌ and jneff‌ and maybe carestreamjoey‌ -- I would like to know what they think, too, and maybe what they think would be a better solution.

Hey guys, sorry for delayed response.  I did test this over and over and Matt is correct, currently, it has to be done charge by charge.  Having said that, I agree that we should add that as an option.