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Reports Suggestions

If you ever look at updating the reports, I would love to have a little more flexibility with pulling the aging. For instance, it would be nice to be able to pull it as of a certain (future) date. We are often done checking claim statuses on what's currently on the aging on a Friday, so we want to get a head-start on the things that will roll into the 31+ bucket on Monday. The only way to currently do that is to go back to the schedule and open every patient to see if insurance has processed or not, which is time-consuming when there's 4+ doctors' worth of patients.

Alternatively (and possibly even better) would be to be able to pull aging based on specific times. So instead of only being able to see everyone 31+ or 91+, I could run a report that shows me the aging of everyone, say, between 17-32 days old.

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