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Canine II

Schedule Problem after 9.4 winoms update

Hi Everyone, 

Office info:  We have a few doctors and a few offices. We recently updated from 9.1 WINOMS to 9.4 WINOMS.  Since we updated to 9.4 the schedule view has been affected. 

Carestream support stated this:  Carestream Ticket number  6909202 

the scheduler was updated in v9.4 to fix an ongoing issue where the Providers listed in the Scheduler Daily Detail view was out of order. This was done by using the Office ID as one of the display criteria but doing this affected the way the Daily Summary and Weekly Summary view displays.

We have multiple offices report this issue and this has been made known to Development. However, support does not have an ETA on when it will be fixed.

END Support>

When you view by office and by doctor the columns are in the correct order per the settings under Tables>Office.  You can select the office and that displays correct.

But if you are in the scheduler and you click  \all office\ and \all Doctors\    the columns get arranged in a random order and you are unable to adjust the random order to reflect (like for example Doctor 1 in column 1 Doctor 2 in column 2 and Doctor 3 in Column 3) 

  Attention CARESTREAM DEVELOPMENT:  Please add the following under Tables>practice>Office>Display all    ADD an option for the ALL OFFICES ALL DOCTORS and a sort there so that you can display the columns the same as if you selected per doctor per office.

Thank you,


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Schedule Problem after 9.4 winoms update

@matt_ackerman adding you to the conversation. 

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Canine III

Re: Schedule Problem after 9.4 winoms update

Hi Johnathan,

Coincidentally, your suggestion was one of the options presented to development as a possible solution to the scheduler issue. The other option being to change it back to the way it originally displayed.

Like my colleague explained to you in the referenced ticket #, support is not given an ETA on when changes will be implemented so as not to set false expectations.

Thank you for your suggestions and please feel free to offer more changes you would like to see implemented in the Software.

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