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Canine II

Scheduler upgrade WinOMS

Our office has been on WinOMS for about 8 years or so, I was told 8 years ago "enhancements" to the scheduler were on the way. Nothing has happened. I was wondering if you plan to add enhancements that would allow us to follow the patient through like Dentix has.  There is a bar on the left of the appointment that allows you to see when the patient has arrived, been seated, checked out. It makes it very simple to see at a glance where your patient is.  Also, when searching for a patient seen on a previous day, you can look for the color of the appointment which aids tremendously in finding the patient if you cannot remember their name. There are other reasons this helps but I will not get list them. Please call me at (615) 890-8000. Murfreesboro Oral Surgery & Implant Center. Teresa

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