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Signatures monitor notebook Dell Latitude 7320

Situation - WinOMS Cloud edition,, Dell Latitude 7320 detachable notebook/Tablet

Problem - Consent signatures, tablet not connected error

Information - 

I have 6 Dell Latitude 7320 Detachable (Tablet with keyboard and smart pen).  In one office with 3 of these, the signatures on a consent form works without any issues - out of the box.  They do not have the SigSoft installed like you would with a Topaz Tablet.  The other three in another office refuse to let me sign with a "Tablet does not appear connected" type error message.

The driver for these computer is a Wacom driver, thus native windows apps that support pen operation, such as Paint, work fine.  The Pen as a Mouse works fine as well.

Carestream does not support anything but the Topaz and possibly the Surface Pro.  With both you have to install the Sigsoft program from Carestream, not the one from Topaz.  To get the Surface Pro to work, you must change some parameters in a .ini or .txt file for just two lines.

In the past, I have had problems with both the Latitude and the Precision using the pre-installed OEM Windows and found that the solution was to hose down the computer and reinstall with a Microsoft version of Windows from a USB drive.  Over this weekend, I rebuilt one of the non-working tablets but it did not change the issue.

I have though about cloning the drive from a working on, but getting the latitude apart is a real chore.

Does anyone have any advice?  Success at configuring the touch screen?


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