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Canine II

Small Schedule Viewer

Is there anyway to fix the small schedule viewer?  We are new to CS WinOMS, when we open the schedule viewer, the schedule pops up but only uses 25% of the screen?  This makes no sense, also, any way to adjust columns? I may have to start wearing my loupes to look at the daily schedule!  Please tell me there is an update in the works?!!

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Small Schedule Viewer


Thanks for your feedback!  This is probably related to the number of open columns in your schedule, and the high resolution of your display.  The software was originally written to support a standard resolution of 800x600 on those old big, clunky CRT 4:3 monitors.  With the advent of LCD displays, and the new standard landscape 16:9 orientation, that old interface is definitely in need of refresh. 

Would you let me know how many columns you can see, and what the resolution of the display is set to?  A screenshot would be helpful, as well.

I am targeting an update to the UI in v10 that will provide better scaling (visibility) on higher resolution displays.  We are still considering the best way to make these kinds of changes, so I don't have anything set in stone, but I am estimating that v10 will be available during the Fall of 2018.  A lot is still in flux with that release, so the content is still TBD.

(btw, I snickered a little at your loupes comment)

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