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Premolar III

Statements, ledgers should be able to be print preview-saved as PDFs so we can email to patients

Currently we have to print then scan or do snippits.  Statement print previews cut off and don't allow you to get the full page.

Canine III

We use the "cute pdf" printer.  Then you can print anything to pdf.  It is a printer download not related to any dental software.  Once install you just select the cute pdf printer instead of your regular printer.

Great tip! Still should add this functionality though. Thanks!
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Yes, CutePDF solved our issues with attempting to print anything to PDF- statements, fee schedules, claims, reports, etc.

How do you get cute PDF to keep your statements from cutting off?  If I print from Winoms to PDFCreator, it cuts off the edges.  When I open the document in cutePDF that doesn't fix it.

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Nevermind I got it to work!

I also think there should be an option so that ledgers have the practice name on them when printed.  

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Totally agree, and ADA codes.  In order to be compliance with HSA plans, we end up having to print both the ledger and the statement since neither on its own has everything the HSA plans require..