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Premolar I

Text & Email Communication - Lighthouse

What are other WINOMS clients using for text and email communication with their patients? We just received notification that once we update to WINOMS version 10, Lighthouse will no longer be compatible with WINOMS. We have not been completely satisfied with Lighthouse capabilities anyway, so just looking for some other suggestions.

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Canine II

Side question. When is version 10 of winoms being released?

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We also use LH.  We have signed up to use Patient Manager (WinOMS own solution) whenever we move to version 10.  I feel I was a little mislead during the demo/signing process.  We signed up for Patient Manager back in March with understanding we would start using once we migrated to Azure.  Azure migration took way longer than it should have but once migration was completed, I found out Patient Manager only works with V10.  I know they are/were beta testing V10.  It would be nice to upgrade to V10.  WinOMS is long overdue for a facelift and major upgrades.