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Canine II

Timeline for license additions

Just curious, but what is the typical time frame that others see for addition of licenses into their WinOMS Cloud environment? We have a MASSIVE problem getting any kind of action from Carestream for license additions. Speaking for a very large practice (we have over 150 seats), we regularly have changes to our environment. Typically, we try to keep some extra licenses on hand for these events, but it can't always cover changes.

The last time that we had a license addition, it took us 6 weeks to get the new license information, and even with that, after they were live, there were still issues with the software operating properly on those new licenses.

Most recently we had another unexpected "quick burst" of new employees in a specific department and we have now been trying to get licenses provisioned for the last week and a half and can get no further information than "it's in the provisioning process.".

So mostly, I'm frustrated and curious how other accounts are treated because I feel massively helpless when I'm the person responsible for getting these licenses and subsequently the one that the practice yells at and I can never get any action from our reps.

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