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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

* Tip of the Week * - How to Convert a Treatment Plan to Actual Charges in a Patient's Ledger

***Tip of the Week***

How to Convert a Treatment Plan to Actual Charges in the Patient's Ledger

After a treatment plan has been entered into a Patient's Chart, it must be converted to actual charges once the services have been rendered.

Follow these steps to convert it correctly.

  1. Open Patient's Workspace
  2. Click Charges


    The "Treatment Plan Conversion" window will appear which shows all unconverted treatment plans in the patient's chart.


  3. Drag and drop the treatment plan to be converted from the left side box (Patient's Treatment Visits) to the right side box (Treatment Procedures to Convert to Actual Charges)

    ***NOTE: Individual procedure codes can be dragged and dropped individually, or the entire treatment plan can be dragged and dropped by selecting the name of the treatment plan when dragging and dropping.

  4. Click Ok


    The charges window will appear.  If changes need to be made to a line item (i.e. the fee is incorrect), highlight the line item, click Edit and then make any needed edits. Click Ok when done.

  5. Once all changes have been made, click OK (the Ok button in the bottom right corner of the window)

  6. The Treatment Plan has been successfully converted to actual charges in the patient's ledger.  The Treatment Plan tab will now display a green money bag icon next to the treatment plan name to signify that the treatment plan has been converted.

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