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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

* Tip of the Week* - How to Correctly Add a HIPAA Acknowledgement to a Patient's Chart

*** CS WinOMS Tip of the Day ***

How to Correctly Add a HIPAA Acknowledge to a Patient's Chart


If a HIPAA Acknowledgement is added to the patient's chart correctly, the icon in the task bar of the patient's chart will appear will appear with a 'green check mark'.  This will allow the user to determine if this acknowledge has been signed and saved into the patient's chart with a quick glance.


Follow these steps after the HIPAA Acknowledgement has been signed and scanned into the patient's chart:

  1. Open Patient's Workspace
  2. Click Contact Notes tab
  3. Click New
  4. Choose "HIPAA Acknowledgement" from drop down box


  5. Enter a note in "Notes" text box (i.e. Patient signed acknowledgement on 6/8/19)
  6. Click Ok.