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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

* Tip of the Week * - How to Edit Margins in an EMR Note

How does one alter the margins of an EMR Note so that they actually save once the EMR Note is saved?   There are numerous ways to alter the margins of an EMR Note or EMR Note Template, however, only one method will actually retain the margins after you click SAVE.  I will not go into any detail of all the methods as this is the ONLY method that will actually work.

NOTE: The steps I’m about to describe will work for an actual EMR Note in a patient’s chart as well as with the EMR Note template.  For the purpose of this posting, I will only be referencing an EMR Note Template.

First, open an EMR Note template and look for the black triangle (if that’s what you want to call it) that I have circled in red below:


This triangle is actually 2 pieces, a top piece and a bottom piece.  They can be moved independently of each other. THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!  They must move together when you slide them to the right or left.  Click your mouse in the middle of the triangle and drag it to the desired margin location. 


You can either do a “Select All” prior to shifting the triangle to affect the margins of the entire template at once, or you can do it line by line or paragraph by paragraph.  Its totally use to you.