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Premolar I

Trying to add an employee and delete employees in escript

I need to add a new employee and delete an old employee. I tried to follow the instructions to do it myself and it seems i am not an admin which i need to have fixed because i should be here! 



Thanks in advance 

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Premolar III

Are you able to change your account to be an admin under edit users?  Admin rights are required for users administration by default.  Can you edit security settings?  Utilities -->security.  Under Practice Setup -->Practice.  There is staff add/edit/delete lines.  Can you add permissions to that for your security level?  Remember, anyone with same level will have same rights.  We had issues like this and didn't know admin/mdssupport password.  We had to fax letter on letterhead to certain number.  They called and reset passwords for us.  I made my account and admin in case we forgot passwords again.

Hope this helps.

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no this is thru change healthcare but finally someone called me back and after 5 hours and two attempts where we were attached to incorrect practices it is fixed!  I am really unhappy with support lately!

  i voiced my concerns with numerous people but no one seemed to care!

literally 5 hours! with me on the phone for atleast 2 hours of that 

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