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Canine II

Update/Improvements to Implant Tracking Form/Tab

I am curious how others are utilizing the implant tracker. Specifically, how are you documenting cover screw vs healing abutments (with specifics) within the dedicated form for a given implant. 

The current form, IMO, is in need of a serious overhaul. Included in the list of improvements I would love to see: 

1)Entry box for attachments- healing abutments (size, lot, etc.)

2) Entry box for regenerative materials used (vendor, type, amount, etc.)

3)Area for free text- comments on the case, special circumstances, FYI for restorative dentists, etc.

4) (this is asking a lot)- method to scan/import/attach the stickers for implants/abutments/regenerative mat to the tracking form without have to attach to a separate document that is stored in a different area

Any thoughts from others?

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