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Premolar I

WINOMS Cloud - Intermittently Working

We are on WINOMS Cloud. Anyone else having connection issues today? We have had to log off/on restart multiple computers multiple times today! Also if the "NEA LOG NOT FOUND" does not get resolved soon, we are going to pull our hair out. We can't get paid if we can't submit claims! The apparent fix for that is to delete the claim attachments, then log out of Citrix and WINOMS, possibly restart, log back in to Citrix then WINOMS (which doesn't happen quickly if it works at all) and try to submit claims. That worked for 1 claim, then had to do it all over again for the next claim.

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Canine III

I believe Carestream is in Atlanta, GA.  The hurricane/tornadoes may affecting them?  I'm just brainstorming, we are having issues as well

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Canine II

ours has kicked us off/frozen a few times. when freezing we've had some success with Ctrl+Alt+Delete, ending the task, and then we have been able to re-open and log on. 

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