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WINOMS Version

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What version of WINOMS will support Window Server 2019 and when is that version expected to be released? Would like to migrate from Windows Server 2008R2 but want to migrate to Windows Server 2019.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: WINOMS Version

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Thank you for your inquiry. The next update WinOMS v9.6 is expected for release very soon and has been certified to run on Windows Server 2019. However, Carestream Orthodontic Imaging (CSOI) does NOT currently support Server 2019.
***Important: CSOI Imaging has not been certified with Windows Server 2019. Customers that utilize WinOMS and CSOI, on the same server, Carestream recommends not upgrading their hardware. If there is a separate server for CSOI and CS WinOMS, Server 2019 is certified and can be installed for the practice management software only.*** Make sure to provide the Account # and name of practice to prioritize request for 9.6 update.