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Canine II

WinOMS Cloud Upgrade Grade Issues

Has anyone else been having problems with WinOMS.  Since the past upgrades, I don't have Digital Forms anymore and now with ePrescribe, every time we write a script the system will crash.  Images flicker on the screen as well.

I call support and get told sorry there is nothing they can do?

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Premolar I

We did the premigration step on May 24th at 8am and immediately lost communication with the anesthesia monitor within WINOMS.  Carestream's response is it is probably the cord.  It worked fine up until the premigration.  We even replaced with a new cord. They had our frontdesk on the phone running around all morning, moving cords, changing cords etc. Still no fix and no response whatsoever from CareStream.  We are having other issues on other workstations that began with the premigration.  It's the no response from 
CareStream that is more troubling the the problems themselves. The response is always, "I'm gonna have to turn this over to escalations." Every issue is a minimum of 4 or 5 transfers and still no fix. We hope the actual migration goes better than this!

Update - 2 weeks later and my frontdesk has been trying to get CareStream to fix the same issue, our anesthesia monitor not communicating with WINOMS after CareStream moved us to Citrix Workspace.  Hours upon hours on the phone, unplugging and moving cords, shutdown, restart, coming in early etc, they put the workstation back on Citrix Receiver & guess what, still not working. Two weeks of nothing but a headache. Finally, our IT got the issue fixed, as we were to migrate tonight. Before leaving for the day, we called for any last minute instructions, only to be told our migration had been cancelled.

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Well be prepared for the WinOMS answer.  "There is nothing we can do about it"

I call my sales guy and was told i'll get back to you and nothing

I call support and get told "we it's not going to work" or my favorite today was can the doctor live with it?

It seems every upgrade comes with a large loss of a program or app that was important.  Digital forms was really important in my practice.  It does work now.  They say it's outdated but it's still a option to choice that crashes my system

Epriscribe, I have to close all windows to sign a script or guess what? Crash

Below, tshaw stated she would look into and someone will reach out.  Crickets

We pay a good amount of money for cloud services for a return of a non working system. 

Same here for us.  This is what CS said to us....


[6/1/2022 3:13 PM] 

If I remember correctly, this is the error that happens when you right(?) click when you have rx up. If so, the recommendation was to have a dedicated computer for rxs so you wouldn't have to deal w/this all day.

[6/1/2022 3:15 PM] 

I confirmed the two workarounds were to either - do rxs at the end of the day, or have a dedicated computer for rxs

[6/1/2022 3:15 PM]

CS was correct - there is not an outright fix. It will keep happening unless you use one of the workarounds

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @dranthonyrega

It looks like this got posted under our Welcome area, so I will get it moved to the WinOMS page
I will also get this reported to the team so someone can reach out to you.  

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