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Canine II

WinOMS Scheduler issue

Our schedule only went out to next March so I tried to change the slot setup and now one of our locations is not showing us able to schedule appts until 9am (We start at 8am). And it won't let me change the start time to 8am. Any help would be appreciated.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Let's try using SLOT SETUP again in WinOMS.  Click Schedule > Setup Scheduler > Slot Setup and then set your OPENING and CLOSING TIMES (See screen capture below) for each day of the week.  If you have MULTIPLE office locations, you will need to select the office from the OFFICE drop down box and then perform this setup once again for each additional location.  This should open you up at 8am on each day in each of your office locations.  Please click the SET UP DAYS button at the bottom when you are finished.

NOTE:  PLEASE be sure that the schedule IS CLOSED on the computer that you are making this change on.  If it is open and in the background, occasionally, the changes you make will not apply.

Slot Setup.JPG