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Canine II

WinOMS scheduling suggestions


When using WinOMS in the schedule screen, these few things would be helpful...

When hovering over the appointment line it would be nice to be able to see patient's full name, the appointment line notes and the time of the appointment.

If the appointment time could be on the right side of the screen as well as the left, it would be easier to see the available times if you have more than one doctor that you are scheduling for.

Add "confirm appointment" to the right click options instead of editing the appointment to do it.

Just a few suggestions that would make scheduling a little easier!  Thanks!

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Canine II

Re: WinOMS scheduling suggestions

Is there an option to add a patient to a cancellation list that is available through WinOMS?  Maybe something during the scheduling process?

Canine II

Re: WinOMS scheduling suggestions

@matt_ackermanAre you able to answer this question?

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: WinOMS scheduling suggestions

The only report would be the appointment status report and include cancellations, but appointment would have to be cancelled and off scheduler for that to show results.

Unless you mean like a short call list report? I f so there is not a report but you can possibly create a system in the office: Create a contact note for the patient and choose one of the categories - "Regular" and add the text "Cancel List" or something that lets your team know that patient is part of that cancel list.

Then run a report for contact notes, hope that helps.