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Windows 11 Compatibility frustration....

Afternoon all, 

OMS doc here from the midwest.  We currently use WinOMS like the rest of you, we switched to an EMR based practice in 2016, chose WinOMS as we thought it was the best at the time, and for the most part it's been fine.....until Microsoft came out with windows 11.   I understand that when a new operating system is released there will be a time delay for the programs that run on it to become compatible, which is why Microsoft doesn't try and force you to upgrade to the new OS for a few years.  Well, its been a few years.  2 years almost now.   And in the 2 years since microsoft has replaced 10 with 11, we have bought new workstations that come with windows 11, and on the older workstations some of our staff has "accidentally" clicked the update button as microsoft continually tries to get you to do every week.  Now we are stuck with probably 60% of our in opertory workstations with windows 11, and we can't sent route slips through the point of care module on WinOMS.  You are forced to go find one of the few other rooms there currently isn't a patient in or hasn't upgraded to send the route slip.  Or you are forced to use the backdoor way of sending the route slip which is PAINFULL!!!!!!!

It's been 2 years you've had to work on this.  And we have nothing but excuses.    The only caresteam replies in this community forum i've seen are from october 2022 and it was that we are in our "final stages of testing Windows 11 compatibility".....well clearly not.  It's been almost a year since those "final stages" and we got nothing.  If i'm not mistaken we pay yearly or monthly "maintenance" fee's.  And when you have 5 offices and around 100 computers running winOMS those maintenance fee's get kinda spendy!  A major function of the program NOT WORKING kinda seems like "maintenance".  We are the largest OMS practice in our state, and unfortunately the only thing keeping us from leaving is we actually like the system, and we don't really want to invest the money in a whole new system.  But at some point something has to give, and my other partners are losing their patience.


What say you Carestream????


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @kconnor123

We appreciate your post and I apologize for the frustrations. WinOMS was upgraded to accommodate Windows 11 with versions and 10.0.3, depending on whether you are on-premise or hosted. Do you know what version you are currently on? 

I have reported your issue about not being able to send routing slips through point of care. While that is being reviewed you should be able to still send them through the EMR Summary. 

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