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Canine III

Wish list post GOHS summit

After attending the Summit our office came up with some wish list items!


At the 2017 Summit Carestream stressed the fact that they want to reduce "Clicks".  It should only take one or two clicks to cancel an appointment.  Currently we have to edit the appointment to add a note as to why the appointment was cancelled.  Then cancel the appointment and enter our password.  Our wish, when you click cancel appointment, the password box should include a note box.  That would reduce it to two clicks!


I know this next one is a big issue for many offices after listening to people at the Summit.  Scheduler size!  With today's technology and larger computer screens, this should really be addressed.

Also, in EMR, the tabs at the top.  If you add a long alert, such as pharmacy name, address and phone number, you can not see the entire entry in the EMR screen.  If once you roll your mouse over the box it could expand that would be faster and very helpful to the techs.

I believe someone from imaging is supposed to be contacting me.  I did hear from Skip and I have contacted Howard for WIN OMS assistance.  Thank you for everything at the Summit!


On a side note, if anyone picked up a black jacket after the Lip Synch contest and now realizes it was not theirs, please contact me.



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Premolar II

Re: Wish list post GOHS summit

YES to the cancellation note!! Love that idea!