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Canine II

ePrescriptions Error (-5)

We are getting an ePrescriptions Error when we submit a script.   

"Failed to save the prescription data back to your PMS.  Return code (-5) Failed to find provider by UPIN or NPI."

We have the same provider set up twice in WinOMS, one for each of our two locations.  Support told us that we cannot have the same NPI for two providers or we will get the error -5 above and the script will not write to RX history in WinOMS.  The suggested work around was enter a group NPI for the providers at the second location.  This does not seem to be acceptable solution for the pharmacies, since they tell me they need the individual NPI for insurance billing.  

Has anybody else run into this or have a solution for this issue?

Ron S.  - Beaverton Oral Surgeons


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