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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

ePrescriptions - Prescribing Tylenol #3

Tylenol #3 (with Codeine) has been obsoleted in the drug database.

On 7/6/20 confirmation was received from Janssen Pharmaceutical that TYLENOL WITH CODEINE #3 TABLET is obsolete as of 6/30/20 with a termination date of 6/30/20. The product is no longer manufactured/distributed or available in the marketplace.

What this means for you:

You will no longer be able to find Tylenol #3 in the ePrescriptions database. There are still generics on the market, searching the ePrescriptions database for "acetaminophen" will provide you with a list of the generic equivalent. 

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Re: ePrescriptions - Prescribing Tylenol #3

I was just popping on to post this exact thing and you beat me to it! Thanks Debi!
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