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Premolar III

eRX Re-credential

Has anyone had to re-recredential a provider to continue using eRX?  One doctor today wasn't able to send narcotics and support made him re-credential with Change HealthCare.  When I asked for documentation on this, they couldn't provide any.  When asked how often this needs to be done, I was initially told regularly.  Then after pushing they said every 15-18 months.  We haven't had to do this in the past and haven't been told about this before.  Support told me I had to contact Change HealthCare for the documentation because they wouldn't give to him.  I asked why Change HealthCare would give me the documentation and not him and he couldn't answer.  So I am going contact Change Healthcare about this before our other doctors can no longer send scripts.  Anyone else have this issue?  Did you get notification that it was time to do this?

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Canine III

This sounds like what happened to one of our Doctors last year.  It turned out to have nothing to do with Change Healthcare but

What Carestream told us was that requires a login to their website every 18 months even if the caregiver is e-prescribing every day.

You should be able to open a support ticket with to fix it.  Our Doctor did that and support was able to help him get reactivated within an hour.

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