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Canine II


What is going on with CS Imaging? This is the 3rd week in a row we have gone to take an image on our first patient of the week to find that the software isn't working.

Calling support is probably just as equally frustrating--there are constantly 20+ people ahead of you in line. When you finally get connected to an entry level person, they have to do their trouble-shooting before it can finally be escalated. (For the record: I have NEVER had a call to imaging support that HASN'T needed to be escalated.)

The past two weeks it has taken the entire week for the issue to get resolved. We have now rescheduled so many people that it is seriously impacting our business. Patients we had scheduled for surgeries have decided to schedule elsewhere because we don't have reliable software.

We're frustrated. Our patients are frustrated. (Many of them have driven 2+ hours to see us.) Something has to give.

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Premolar III

How did support resolve this issue?  Did they give any sort of explanation of issue?  Cloud or Onsite?  We had an issue a little while ago that sounds similar.  We found it was a Windows Update that bombed our 9300.  It took a few days to resolve and not really sure why that update crashed 9300 drivers & DHCP.  

As far as getting a hold of support, have you tried emailing escalations?  I usually email before calling.  Level1 support usually have to escalate and they are usually busy so it bypasses some of the holding.  Make sure you include office name number and customer ID with description.  They are usually decent getting back to you.

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