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Canine II

signature pad for WinOMS

i want to try a signature pad mainly to sign consents. I need some recommendations on what to buy and will my IT people know how to integrate it or do i contact carestream for that. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

matt.ackerman‌ any other recommendations besides Topaz?

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Not at this time.  Client can refer to our system requirements online for the latest hardware recommended:

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Premolar II

We use the Topaz signature pads recommended by Carestream here:

That was 4 years ago, so Carestream may have a better updated product recommendation.

The setup was very easy. However- like any technology- they can be temperamental from time to time. 🙂

Another thing to consider is *where* you are having the consents signed in your practice. These are great to use at the front desk. But, if you tend to want it taken care of in the consult/operatory room, the signature pads are corded, so they would be clunky to use there. A tablet PC might be a better option in that case.

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Here is current list of Topaz Signature pad's supported with WinOMS:

Topaz Systems SignatureGem LCD 4x3 model T-LBK755-HSB or T_LBK755-HSB-R. SignatureGem LCD 1x5 Model T-LBK462-HSB, T-LBK755SE-BHSB

I hope this helps!