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Changing Your Email Notification and Preferences

When you are active in your community, you may receive emails alerting you to activity on content and places you are following. Editing your preferences allows you to choose what content you receive email notifications about and how you view the content with which you interact.

To view or change your preferences:

  1. Click on the dropdown next to your name or avatar.
  2. Select Preferences from the Personal menu.
  3. Decide which streams you wish to get email notifications about when new activity happens in them.  By default all three Inbox stream options should be turned on.  As you create custom streams they will be added to this list.
  4. Turn on or off the getting started functionality.  If you have already completed it then you can turn it off.
  5. Choose how you want responses and comments to appear.
  6. Options in the Language, Locale, and Time Zone drop down menus are likely preset for your community. Choose a different option from the drop-down menus to change those preferences.   By default your computer will determine your language and will display as a series of dashes.
  7. If you assign tags to your content frequently, click the Quick Tagging Mode check box to keep the Add/Update Tags field open by default.
  8. Click the Save button to return to your profile page.

Tip: If Mobile has been enabled for your Jive instance, you can activate your code in the Mobile tab, found next to the General Preferences tab.

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